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What are baffles in a mixer tank? Baffles are fitted in a tank to reduce the swirling in the fluid and promote circulation between the top and bottom of the tank. Baffles are flat plates that are attached to the sides of a mixing tank spanning the height of the tank from top to bottom and sometimes the base of the tank if it's a cone tank.


Enduramaxx has designed and manufactured outstanding:

Water & Chemical tanks, WRAS approved tanks, bowsers and sprayers metering solutions for the Cleaning and Hygiene, Water Treatment, Agriculture, Commercial & Industrial Processes markets and now delivers these throughout the UK.

Enduramaxx is unique amongst its principal competitors through its scale and breadth of portfolio covering multiple business sectors and many different and varied applications and continues to deliver its way of doing business with quality products and first-class service.

Take A Look At Some Of Our Products Below!

Dished Base Conical Sludge Tanks

Conical Sludge Tanks are a vital part of operations in a wastewater treatment plant used for storage of raw effluent, treated effluent, final effluent, raw sewage and sewage sludge and can an upright tank or conical tank to aid decanting/cleaning to a system of multiple tanks.  

Bulk Acid & Chemical Tanks

As chemical tank manufacturers, we can manufacture and supply bespoke storage packages for chemical and bulk acid tanks based on the requirements of your application. Our sales engineers work closely with clients to offer the best possible advice and solutions to ensure every project is a success.    

Effluent & Sludge Storage Tanks

Wastewater treatment for the food and drink industry

The characteristics and volume of wastewater discharged from food and drink processing factories vary with the products and production procedures for each factory.   In drink manufacturing, much of the wastewater comes from washing bottles, cleaning equipment, containers, and the water used in the process can be up to 10 times the product which is produced.    

Bulk Acid & Chemical Tanks

Meat processing effluents and slaughterhouse wastewater contains diluted blood, fats, proteins, pathogens, and potential pharmaceuticals for veterinary purposes.  As a result, this wastewater contains very high organic loading and nutrient concentrations leading to a highly contaminating effect in water bodies if it is not treated correctly

Our tanks for this wastewater treatment industry include Blending and buffer tankClarification tanks – primary clarifiers and secondary clarifiers, Sludge tanksSludge dewatering tanks, Aeration tanks, Flocculation tanksBulk chemical tanks and dosing tanksPolymer make up tanks, Mixer Tanks, Treated Wastewater Holding Tanks.


Treatment & Chemical Storage Tanks

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Sludge Dewatering Tanks, Types Available

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Components of a Wastewater Treatment System


A wastewater treatment system is designed to treat wastewater from factories, agriculture and industry. Each system is built to the specifications required for that particular type of wastewater. The chemical oxygen demand (COD) test is often used to monitor water treatment plant efficiency and is a measure of the quality of the water. Read more...

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