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Aquaculture Sector

Enduramaxx specialises in manufacturing plastic tanks for many purposes, including tanks for the aquaculture of fish and shellfish. All our tanks for fish are made from food-grade, UV stabilised polythene. Their rotationally moulded structure ensures that they are seam-free, robust and leakproof. Our aquaculture tanks include thermal and biosecurity properties, they are shockproof, chemical resistant and easy to clean, thus maintaining the optimal environment for the stock.

Shellfish, scallops and oysters need all of the features needed for breeding fish, with the addition of ultra-clean water, to make them fit for human consumption.

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Enduramaxx Aquaculture Tank Range, Our Core Products


Enduramaxx Aquaculture Tank Range, Our Core Products

Enduramaxx lists its plastic aquaculture tank range online which includes open-top tanks, conical tank as well as water treatment tank products such as clarification tanks online. Aquaculture tank offering now includes out fabricated fish rearing/breeding tanks, raised tanks, full drain tanks as well as freshwater storage tanks for clean water shortage. Read more...

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Plastic Aquaculture Tanks

Our plastic fish and aquaculture tanks come in many shapes and sizes. We have circular, rectangular, conical and bespoke tanks. There are tanks on frames for easy access and tanks firmly grounded.

Circular Water Tanks For Aquaculture

Enduramaxx manufacture circular tanks in many sizes and depths, open-top or closed. Our UV stabilised, tough durable polythene tanks are rotationally moulded to give a seam free and smooth inner surface. These plastic tanks are food-grade and UV stabilised.

Flat-based tanks can be used as small quarantine and laboratory test tanks and for early rearing and the large plastic tanks are ideal as holding tanks. Our tanks range from 110 litres up to large tanks for fish that can hold up to 25,000 litres. There is a 5,000-litre low-profile tank that is 2,600 mm in diameter and only 1,000 mm in height. They even come in a variety of colours.


Water Treatment Tanks For Aquaculture

Conical Tanks For Aquaculture, Larval & Shellfish Hatcheries

Conical tanks are ideal for larval shellfish hatcheries. We can supply conical tanks with or without frames with or without lids and in a range of sizes. The large 8000-litre open-top cone measures 2600 mm in diameter and 2551 mm in height when fitted in a frame. The tanks feature a 2” full drain outlet – but other sizes are available here.

Plastic Water Tanks For Aquaculture

Plastic Water Tanks For Fish: Why Buy Plastic Tanks


Enduramaxx Water Tanks for Aquaculture – whilst well known for its tanks throughout the UK’s Agricultural sector, Enduramaxx is less well known within the Aquacultural industryRead more...
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